The Higganum Company Hand Poured Soy Wax Candles in New England

The Higganum Company was started in 2010 while we were searching for a cleaner and longer burning candle alternative for our family. We discovered soy wax candles and that is when The Higganum Company became a reality. Soy wax is American grown, sustainable, eco-friendly, carbon neutral, long lasting, and clean burning. 

The Higganum Company is located in Higganum, CT. We offer a full line of soy wax candles, including mason jar candles, tureen jar candles, unique candle options, tea lights, and tarts. We also offer party favor candles, private labels, fundraisers, and candle parties! 
Our goal is to offer the best quality selection of candles. We continuously conduct research and test our candles/tarts to bring the best quality candle to your home. It has taken 5 years of developing specific recipes for these fabulous and pleasantly potent candles and we are proud to offer them to you.

The Higganum Company is a strong advocate for recycling. If you have previously purchased a Higganum Company Candle please do not throw away the jar! If you return it to us cleaned out with the label on it, we will refill it for you for 20% off the original price. Soy wax cleans easily out of jars with soap and water, and just think you are helping to save the environment too! If you do not want to refill your jar you can still return it to us and you will receive a coupon for 20% off one candle for your next purchase.